Monday, October 06, 2008

the apple

forbidden fruit smells so sweet
its overpowering, dizzying musk
temptation magnetizes the fingertips
irresistible force pulling
towards the curve of your spine
the narrowness of your waist
the sharp incline of your shoulder blade
to touch is poison, deadly
but to resist is homicidal
killing a fleeting moment
crushing a short unlived sensation
watching it die brings some satisfaction
and a short stab of bitterness
mixed with a heightened sense of desperation
then serene resignation
i savor the process
it jars me from my daily course
then i return so smoothly
as if to say yes,
i saw you there
i haven't forgotten
but time pushes forward
it only glances behind
and i follow a steady purpose
a heart that's found its mate
and I leave the apple hanging
lush, red and crisp
and the serpent slinks away

1 comment:

finnegan flawnt said...

love that apple. oldest theme in the world, next to the rib!