Thursday, May 20, 2010


Before I knew my power
You coaxed me to the looking glass
Stood behind me, your arms on my waist
Nuzzled my neck
Lightning sizzled across my skin
Your fa├žade pressing into me
Sternum to spine
You stripped me of my defense
It was a trick
I fell through the looking glass
To an alternate place and time
You stole myself,
They knocked me from my tower
I didn't stop wanting you
Even as I sat in desperation
But I found it
It was within
I reclaimed what you stole, myself
I reclaimed you
Still tall with dusty gray hair
But young and impetuous
I drew you to me to show you
what I had become
And we embraced through time
We bathed in ice and snow
I tasted your frozen breath
Our bodies tingling with cold
We danced in fire and stars
burned in the heat of suns
You called me the oracle
An avatar

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