Friday, February 18, 2011


There is so much beauty in the 3 a.m. sky that is rarely seen or enjoyed by many. A truck driver on the long haul from one cityscape to the next or the late night manager on his way to his car, they might see it. But most people are bundled and resting. Another purveyor of this sky where early meets late is someone with a puppy who sometimes can't make it through the night. Tonight was just such a night. As I walked into the garage and drowsily pushed the button, I found myself momentarily confused. What time is it? It's around 3 right? The moon shone so brightly on the recently thawed grass and the pavement spotted with evaporating rain, I could have sworn it was the dawn coming hours early. As my eyes adjusted to the light, it seemed even brighter. Though unseasonably warm, there was something chilling about the scene. Low hanging clouds were hanging heavy over the horizon, rushing towards the cold white moon and it's slice of pure blue sky. A blustery wind kicked up and threw my hair back as I encouraged the puppy to get down to business. The clouds were in layers; slow moving high altitude billows towering over a lower layer pushing ahead of the storm at breakneck speeds. I felt my heart beat faster as the wind picked up more; adrenaline rushing through me. Suddenly my mind drifted to some occult television I'd watched recently. The moon was full and round. As absurd as it might seem, I felt a tingle on the back of my neck. Was there a create in the backyard about to pounce? The uneasiness was palpable even if the thoughts were fanciful. Come on, let's go in, I said. Come on. The moon had hidden behind a cloud and it was night momentarily, until it slid out again, glittering and cool. The wind was blowing and the distant sound of wind chimes rattling raised goosebumps on my arms as the foreboding clouds moved nearer and nearer. Come on, let's go... come on! The combination of opening the door, closing the garage and turning off the outside lights happened in a short burst. Though I never do, I found myself locking the door behind me. It was beautiful, the show in the sky. It was breathtaking, and would have been more so if it had been 10 p.m. and my husband was standing next to me. Seeing it alone, it felt like someone was watching me. Or, as if something was very wrong. Now I'm sitting in the room next to slumber, listening to the eerie wind chimes and the sound of the whipping wind against the siding. Still, I'm glad to have seen that full-bellied moon, as the song says, and the terrifying yet awesome display of the blustery wind and the onrushing storm clouds.

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